What is the difference between receiving occupational therapy services and handwriting tutoring? 

Occupational therapists work on the "underlying skills" that impact handwriting. For example, upper body and core strength, fine motor skills, hand strength, visual processing skills, memory, and bilateral coordination.


Handwriting tutoring is a service for children to receive age-appropriate lessons that focus on teaching handwriting. For example, learning how letters are sequentially formed, starting points, correct letter sizing, how to keep letters on the line, and how to correctly space between letters and words. We will be working on the motor patterns that make handwriting automatic. 

If your child continues to struggle with handwriting after receiving foundational support with continued practice, there may be an underlying issue. Your child might be better served receiving occupational therapy services to address those underlying challenges.


FUNdamentals Handwriting is "handwriting tutoring" lead by an occupational therapist. We focus on handwriting foundations through a holistic lens using a full-body approach, but this is not a substitute for occupational therapy. If you have concerns about your child's development, we strongly encourage you to speak to your primary care provider and request an in-depth evaluation from a pediatric occupational therapist. 

What is your schedule? 

Each 2-hour class involves a gross motor activity, a fine motor activity, writing instruction/activity and finishes with a snack and supervised free play. 

Where are you located? 

We are located in Garden City, off the Boise Greenbelt, across from the Boise River.  A site tour is available upon request.

How do I enroll? 

1. Complete Interest Form under "Get Started" and select a camp  

2. Official contracts, registration, and payment forms will then be emailed to you via link

3. Payment in full required to secure a spot 

4. Camp is subject to cancellation with full refund based on enrollment - minimum 4 students needed

What is the cost of class ? 

Our camp meets 2x a week for 4 weeks, 8 classes total. Each class is 2-hours long.

$60 per 2-hour class ($480 total)

Early Bird Special offered up until Aug. 1st,  $430 

Do you have a sibling Discount? 

Yes, 5% discount for siblings. 

Do you offer private handwriting tutoring? 

Yes, depending on available scheduling. Please email FUNdamentals Handwriting for more information. 

Toileting Procedures  

Campers can use our home restroom which will be stocked, cleaned and used strictly by students. After each use, all surfaces will be sanitized. If we are in the woods, campers may choose a nature pee in a private area, away from other students or walk back to the house with a female adult.  All students must be able to use the washroom independently and are required to bring an extra change of clothes.

Lunch / Snacks 

Students are required to bring their own lunch or snack, and water bottle for each day. Students may not share food with other students due to dietary preferences and restrictions. 


As an outdoor handwriting camp, our goal is to run in all types of weather, however, from a safety perspective this may not always be possible due to heavy winds, lightening, or air quality.  You will be notified via text first thing in the morning should there be any cancellations. We ask that you ensure your child is equipped with the proper clothing and outerwear for hot, cold, and rainy days. Rainy days are great sensory experiences to write letters in the mud. Any cancellations due to inclement weather will be rescheduled for Sept. 28th & 30th. 

What is your Covid-19 / mask Policy? 

FUNdamentals Handwriting, LLC is implementing health and safety policies/procedures to keep our clients and staff safe during these unprecedented times.


Our entire camp takes place outside. Evidence shows that outdoor transmission of Covid-19 is extremely low.  FUNdamentals Handwriting will continue to monitor and adjust our protocols based on updated information from the CDC and other health agencies (local, state, federal). If a mask mandate is in effect, students are required to wear coverings unless a personal issues prevents them from doing so. We also support families who choose to wear masks during our program if a mask mandate is not in effect.

We will sanitize all hard surfaces in common areas (tables, equipment, and bathroom) at least once a day or as-needed if surface is used frequently. Hands will be sanitized at drop off, after toilet use, and before eating. All families will be asked to sign a Covid-19 waiver upon official registration with expanded detail on our health procedures. 

May I sit in on my child's class? 

Our camp is set up as a drop-off camp. If this is your child's first drop-off camp and/or your child has difficulty with transitions, please email me and together we will collaborate to create a support system that works for you and your family. 

What if I miss a class ?

We do not issue refunds for missed classes due to illness, travel, vacation etc. If long term absence occurs due to Covid-19 related circumstances, a home program with nature based activities would be an optional service. 

What is your withdrawal policy? 

Minimum 3-week advanced notice is needed for full refund.

Less then 3-weeks notice will receive a 50% refund.

No refunds after conclusion of first week of sessions (9/3/21).

Please email us if you have any further questions or curiosities.


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