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Individual Outdoor Occupational Therapy 

Session Time: 55 Minutes 

Location: Garden City, on the Boise River/Greenbelt

Insurance or Private Pay

One of the most fundamental components of childhood development is outdoor play. And due to screen time and packed schedules, children are losing valuable opportunities interacting with the natural world around them. 

outdoor occupational therapy

Our clinic is the great outdoors. Our tools are the uneven terrain of the Boise River, heavy rocks, fallen trees, sand, and sticks, along with our outdoor mud kitchen, climbing equipment, and sensory swings. We work one-on-one with your child to meet therapeutic goals. Boise Outdoor OT offers whole body sensory engagement, throughout every season, where children are motivated and free to move in unrestricted ways.


We evaluate your child’s skills in relation to their primary "occupations" - play, school performance, social engagement and daily activities. Therapy sessions focus on strengthening the underlying foundations that are creating barriers in those particular occupations. A strength based approach is utilized to build skills using your child's interests and strengths to accommodate for the challenges they are experiencing in their environment.  

Occupational Therapy can help children with a variety of underlying skills such as: 

  • Fine motor

  • Gross motor

  • Visual perceptual/ visual motor

  • Coordination

  • Balance

  • Body strengthening

  • Executive functioning

  • Sensory integration 

  • Self-regulation and emotional regulation  

  • Social engagement

  • Self care skills (getting dressed, tying shoes, etc.)


Individualized, 1:1 Skilled Occupational Therapy Services Include:

  • Review of intake paper

  • Parent interview

  • OT evaluation and shared findings

  • Parent collaboration on goal development

  • 55 minute outdoor treatment sessions

  • Practical home program suggestions

  • Continued goal review and refinement 

Occupational Therapy Services Boise

Boise Outdoor OT is currently unable to take on more clients. Please click link below
to read details on how to add your name to our waitlist.  

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