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Clothing Gear for outdoor occupational therapy

Coldest Days 


First Layer: Cover top and bottom with a non-cotton base layer.  We recommend merino wool or soft polyester fabric.  Both will keep kids warm, and wick away moisture from the skin.

Second Layer : Cover top & bottom with a fleece or wool layer. 

Final Layer : Finish the final layer of protection with durable waterproof pants and jacket. 

Feet : Protect with wool socks AND insulated rain/snow boots. 

Head and hands : Wool hats give greatest warmth to head. Mittens keep hands warmer than gloves. 

*Recommended: Burton Mittens

In addition to proper gear:

  • bring full reusable water bottle

  • consider an extra set of clothes if your child loves messy mud and water play

  • an extra set of gloves and socks will save the day : )

  • a plastic bag for wet/dirty clothes

  • ensure child has used the restroom & been fed to support regulation 

Used gear shops, thrift-stores, and Facebook Market place are great places to find affordable, secondhand gear. 

Boise Occupational Therapy Services

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