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Handwriting Tutoring

  • Session Time: 55 minutes 

  • Location: Garden City or Zoom

  • Private Pay: $125

With online learning, a Common Core Curriculum that has abandoned formal handwriting instruction, and large classrooms engaged in unguided tracing activities, many children are struggling with the basic foundational skills needed for pencil grasp and legible handwriting. 


Occupational therapy referrals are currently on the rise. A large amount of these referrals are coming from concerned teachers observing students who are producing illegible work, unable to grip their pencil, and struggle to keep up with their peers. Some of these students may have an underlying delay or may need explicit handwriting instruction. 

It is important children have the visual motor skills, fine motor skills and hand strength needed learn correct letter formation by the beginning of 1st grade due to engrained motor memory patterns and early formed habits. Children need the ability to form legible letters without conscious effort so they can think about what they want to write instead of straining with "how" to write the words. When letter formation is automatic, less working memory is needed and expression can flow freely. 

Using the most recent research backed methods, I combine two of my favorite evidence-based handwriting curriculums - Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) and Size Matters Handwriting (SMH) for the most successful results. HWT teaches a specific order for letter formation, using a multi-sensory approach while SMH focuses on letter size identification.


"What the hand does, the mind remembers." ~ Maria Montessori 

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