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Mud Kitchen Kids & Loose Parts Play  

“There is little more important in our physical world than earth and water and they are truly intriguing things, especially when they interact. ” 

–Jan White, Outdoor Early Education Consultant

What is a Mud Kitchen? 


In a world where children often have many rules and restrictions, a mud kitchen is an environment where children are self-directed and free to lead with their own ideas. 


The intrinsic qualities of a mud kitchen include surroundings rich in sensory motor opportunities that spark imagination, creativity, exploration, and experimentation. 


Activities are freely chosen and naturally motivating without the need of a clear beginning or ending. 


The child is actively learning with complete autonomy and agency over their materials and designs; free of the pressure to “get it right.”

Focus and Benefits 

  • Fosters healthy development of the sensory motor system

  • Promotes Imagination

  • Sparks Creativity

  • Strengthens Gross & Fine Motor

  • Problem Solving

  • Managing Emotions

  • Cooperation & Social Skills

  • Develops a growth mindset 

Sessions are created and led by a pediatric occupational therapist to support your child's "just right" challenge. 

Returning Families Enrollment – Jan 15th  
Open Enrollment – Feb. 1st  

Class Details 

  • Ages 4 - 7

  • This is a drop off class

  • Open enrichment class - not considered OT

  • Must be potty trained

  • All classes are 2 hours 

  • Meet rain or shine

Please email me about your upcoming Mud Kitchen Kids Class! 
We offer fall, late spring, and summer sessions

 Thanks for subscribing.

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